Top Tampa Attractions to Visit While You’re in Cigar City

In a big and vacation friendly city like Tampa FL, you’re going to find plenty to do. Wouldn’t that pretty much be the case for every city in the sunshine state? If you have been to some of those cities, you can see how Tampa stacks up. The attractions are diverse, and you’re not going to be lacking when it comes to adventure. These Tampa attractions are the best, and you can plan out which ones you want to see while visiting the city.

Busch Gardens Tampa is the city’s top attraction, and it is located on North McKinley Drive. This is a theme park with water rides and so much more. The reviews say there is also a cheetah hunt, and that surely makes you curious. Whether your thing is the rollercoasters and rides or the food and other entertainment, how can you not have a good time at Busch Gardens Tampa?

Sunshine Skyway Bridge is the next top attraction, and you’re going to be taking in a grand view. You will spot the fishing piers and maybe get to see cruise ships, too. You could always do that next, book a cruise. Almost any spot in Florida is a good place to ready yourself for a cruise. It’s time to get off the toll road that leads you to the bridge though, and it’s time to see the next top Tampa attraction.

The Tampa Theater on North Franklin Street is a different type of treat. It is said to play independent films, and not only that but it is an old fashioned theater. One reviewer talks about it being like stepping back in time. There are evidently concerts there as well, so you will want to see what is planned while you’re in Tampa.

Big Cat Rescue sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Big Cat Rescue is on Easy Street, and they offer a feeding tour and gift shop and of course a tour guide shows you around. Then there is Lettuce Lake Regional Park, Bayshore Boulevard, Cigar City Brewing and much more. The Tampa Riverwalk is a must see, and you want to get around to some of the city’s best places to eat. There are so many things to see and do in Tampa. Are you ready for the names of a few more top attractions? You might also want to stop by Ybor City, Raymond James Stadium and the Henry B. Plant Museum.